Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wine Drinking Pantiliner

Lanie is crazy and hilarious. Lanie is doing so much funny stuff right now that I really should be carrying a notebook and writing it down when it happens, cause like mom said, I will forget. The reason for the title is because Lanie has discovered that she likes wine. Mom let her taste it on her finger last night and she told her she liked it and wanted more. Mom let Lanie stick her finger in the glass and get another drink. Then Lanie decided she was going to stick her whole hand in the glass....Later in the night Lanie was being bad and mom told her if she was good she could have some wine. Her little face lit up and she said "WINE"!!! Trouble. That is all I can say.

She also LOVES pantiliners. She like to have the wrapper as her nite-nite. Then oneday I saw her trying to stick the pantiliner straight on her vagina. I asked her if she wanted to wear one and she said yes. She always wants to wear one.

The other day we were in Franklin and we walked past a building. Lanie asked me what it was and I told her it was a church. She then took her hands and said "Eh chuch, Uh Teeple" As in here is the church here is the steeple.

When she counts she uses her fingers and says 1, 3, 4, 5.

There is no two. Which she needs to know since that is how old she is. Pappy asked her last night how old she was and she said something and he said no 2. Then he asked how old she was going to be on her birthday and she said 4, 5. She is getting a little ahead of herself.

We are done with pageants for now. She HATES them. She had so much fun during her first one that I have no idea how she can not like them. I guess she is just going through her shy stage. I think after the first of the year we may go and see a gymnastics class and see what she thinks about it. I think she would really enjoy it, if she could get past the shyness with the instructors.

Her MJ should be here today and I cannot wait cause I am wanting to take her and do pictures with her. YAY!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This is one of Lanie's favorite words. And the sad part is she knows how to use it correctly.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Veronica with her Harmonica

Upon many requests here we are updating. Lanie is a MESS!!! I do not know how I can stress that enough. She is 2 and I have no idea how else to explain it. She is a jumping bean....Mommy Weady my dumpin....

In my hopes to make her a pageant girl, I do believe I will fail. She HATES!!! them. But what does she know? I have thought of a way though to hopefully make her like them. She loves to watch princess so why not tell her when she is in a pageant she is a princess?
I have decided though if she refuses to do the next few pageants we are going to move on to gymnastics...Maybe

She likes to play her harmonica. Mom and I are trying to teach her to tap her foot while she plays...It is too cute

She can say her ABCs, and even adds in the ending part "Now I know my ABCs..."
Although her L,M,N,O,P is ba-ba-ba-ba-be.....

Lanie is wonderful and I love her...She is a stinker who needs to have her head smacked =)

Monday, July 20, 2009

The innocence of discovery

I think I have just witnessed the sweetest and sadest thing I have ever seen. Lanie requested that I set up her pop up tent. I set it up and then she sat in it for a min and then was done. She said she wanted to eat so I got her some little rice cake things. She poured them on the floor. I went in the other room and came back and her and her snacks were gone. I peeked in the tent and saw her sitting there, chewing, legs stretched out and crossed, and her hands over her ears. My heart broke because I was not playing her with her. Was she scared was she sad did she wish I was with her. Then I though that maybe she was just discovering what chewing sounds like. My heart is broke.

Monday, June 15, 2009

This will last a while. Just count to salmon

Ok so I have not been on here in forever. We have had Destiny and even though dad does not believe me I have NO time when she is here. By the time the end of the day is here I am exhausted.

Lanie is talking a lot more and has started to count. Here is how it does


Every once in a while she will add in the six but never the eight.

She said her first cuss word today. ASS...That is the magic word. She asked me to sit in her seat with her and I told her I could not because mommy was a fat ass....ASS she says. Yes Lanie....

So I think that will put an end to my potty mouth.

On a whole nother subject I cannot stand Kate Gosselin. I think she is very materialistic (like stupidly), and she is just selfish. If you do not believe me watch this

Someone commented on there that she could not give one kid water without the rest wanting some and then they would be running into the interview time. Well who cares...if your kids are thirsty they are thirsty. If she had not asked for water herself and then drank it right in front of Mady (who was "dehydrated") then it would be ok. I mean hell I have told my kids they will have to wait for a drink, but while they wait so do I. I just can't stand her.

Also if you watch Cake Boss then you will understand this. First off let me say I am like my sister and I am all about a cake. Really the only part I am about is the fondant (just like her). I have never had it and every time I do to walmart I walk by it and debate if I should buy it. This year I was determined to make my kids birthday cake just so I could cover it in fondant and eat some. That didn't happen, maybe next year. So anyways I love the way the Cake Boss says fondant. Well on tonights show there is a bride who comes by to see her cake. She tells him it is ugly and is very bitchy about it. He walks away and she covers it in all different color icing. Part of me thinks this was a set up just for the show but who knows. He came back into the room, found the cake, and told her she needed to leave. She said she did it so she could show him what color was and give him inspiration. She just wanted a new cake. So what does he do. He makes a new cake. HELL NO I would have delivered the cake she decorated and said to hell with losing some customers. I would have gone to him just for taking her the fucked up cake.

TACKLE...I am tackling it. If you have no idea what I am talking about you have not been to my house.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Ok so tomorrow is the big day. I have two photo shoots. OMG I am so nervous and excited all at the same time. I hope I do well. I took Lanie outside the other night so I could practice. Here is the shot I got that I love. I am not thrilled about the outfit but what can I say, we were in play clothes. Please let me know what you think of the pic and how I am doing.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rosie...1 more

Lanies new obsession is ring around the rosie. We did it so much this morning I thought I was going to puke and pass out. But Lanie could have kept on going. I told her we would do it one more time and then we were going to take a nap. We went to lay down for her nap and everytime I thought she was ready to go to sleep my phone would ring. So I said F*** it and we got up. She later went to sleep at 4. So anyways tonight she wanted to "rosie", as she calls it. When we finished her little finger came up and she said "Mommy, one more". OMG it was so stinkin cute. After dinner she went into the bathroom with Simon while he was taking a bath. She told him she had to go potty so he took her shorts and her diaper off. She sat and then got up and ran around the house. After about 5 minutes she came to me and said Eeewwwww. I asked her what was Eeewwww and she took me into the bathroom. She pointed to her toilet to show me this small piece of poop. WOO HOO!!! My child pooped on her potty tonight. Now did you notice that I said on and not in. It did not make it in but it was on the rim of her training potty. I could not be happier. We made a big deal out of it and went back in the living room to get our butt cleaned before we took a bath. Lanie then pointed out to me that there was some more poop on the floor. As I got a baby wipe to clean it up she took one and ran to the bathroom. She cleaned up her poop too. What more could you ask for. A 2 year old that will poop on her toilet and then clean it up after she is done. I love her. She came back, showed me the poop on the TP and again said Eeewwwww. We cleaned all the poop up and then got in the tub. That is where I found more on the bathroom floor. YEAH!!! I didn't care. I wouldn't care if it was smeared all over the house. She pooped on her potty. She gets it. She is ready. It is time.

Her vocabulary is growing everyday and she is just amazing. I love her so much.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Goodbye Kindergarten and have you ever wondered how those big wet spots "magically" appear in the middle of the sidewalk?

SO yesterday was Destinys graduation. OMG was it sweet. She sang a few songs and then walked across the stage to accept her diploma. She was so cute. Here are the few pics that I got.

Then we proceeded to dinner at Mullins for my mothers birthday. It was very good but the service sucked. I still have not gotten my ranch dressing damn it. When we left there we all walked back to Gamz (except dad) and that was when I decided that my niece is ready to start teaching at Harvard. I still have no idea how her and my nephew are so smart. It is actually pretty scary. After we got to Gamz the kids wanted to "wing". Well we "wang" as A shouted "C'mon big trucks". As my sister and her husband were getting ready to load the kids in the car the two ran toward the street and my sister leaped after them in a panic. A shouted at her that their kids were not olympic sprinters. I laughed so hard till I fell on the ground. Then I heard a noise. Here is what I found.

Folks those "magical" wet spots that just appear in the middle of the this one....are not magical. In the words of Lanie they are "Eeewwww" Someone who shall remain anonymous decided that the sight of me falling to the ground in laughter over the olympic sprinters was to much to handle. When I heard that noise I looked up and all I saw was pee flowing down and hitting the concrete. Yes someone peed there pants. You all know it wasn't me, because again, I was on the ground. If you know me and my family though you know who it was. I am sorry to be airing out your dirty laundry (no pun intended) but this was to funny to not share.

All in all it was a good day. Congrats Des on your big day and Happy Birthday Mom....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

An Old Cast and Moldy Peaches

Ok so you will think I am weird but I say who cares. Here lately when Lanie is asleep or right after she gets up she has this unigue smell on her face. I believe it is where her spit or droll has landed and then sat or dried. To me it is a wonderful smell. I LOVE it and I think it smells so good. Yes I know I said I was weird. But just wait. Have you ever smelt an old cast or arm brace that has been sweated in. Or someones arm after the cast comes off? I had a friend once that had to wear an arm brace and when she took it off it smelt so funny. Well that is what Lanies face smells like. Mm Mm Mm it's good.

There is a movie that I am sure you all have heard of but I am not sure if you all have seen it. JUNO. There is a song on there that I LOVE and when I heard it I could just picture the girl to be this little mousy blonde headed girl and then the guy would be kinda like Geoff off of Ace of Cakes, tall and kinda nerdy. Well I looked them up last night and OMG was I shocked to see what I saw. You will see them in the clip but while you are listening to the song close your eyes and imagine what they look like. They so do not sound like they look. Oh and the girl looks very good compared to how she looks in some of the other clips

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Barbies and Such

I HATE them. Oh my god I am starting to despise them and I hope Lanie never cares anything about them. Their hands always get caught in this one sweater we have. It is the only sweater Destiny ever wants them to wear and it is to small as well. Then all of their clothes are ugly and slutty all combined into one. Then you have to look at them the whole time you are playing with them and think about how nice it must be to have a body like that. I mean think about it. Barbie has endured men, camping trips, swimming (which included a lot of tanning), working almost ever job known to man, she has had kids, been a rock/pop/country star, been to balls and worn fancy dresses, and she has done sports. No wrinkles, No gray hair, No stretch marks. WTF is up with that.

Then they have them smallest accessories ever. When you have an older kid and then a baby comes along you have to ban your older kids to their room just so they can play with their toys because "The baby may eat one, choke, and die". Then when the baby is old enough to somewhat be around the small parts they all end up in the living room floor where they never get picked up until you do it at 11pm at night. You end up stepping on them and they hurt. Oh and then you find one that you forgot when you suck it up in the vaccumm and that catched on fire. Then you have to go and get a new vaccumm...Thank you Barbie.

The one fun thing I have found out of the whole thing though is when Lanie gets Barbie's bike or skateboard and tries to ride on it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


That is what Lanie is. The doctor says she has virus. My sister says it is going around. I am worried. She is not herself. She woke up last night with a fever. She got up this morning with a fever. I took her to her Omis and went to work for a few hours before I left again to go get her and take her to the Dr, now mind you we have to go back on Monday and she is going to hate me. Dr said she does not have strep or an ear infection (these are usually the two culprits when we have a fever). They are going to send the strep test to the hospital to double check. After she was swabbed she started to feel bad and just wanted me to hold her. We got in the car to leave and she barely moved. She has slept off and on all day. As a matter of fact she just got up and ran in here with my wallet. She wants gum. She has not eaten anything but some soup and a popsicle but she loves her some gum. Sickness can't keep it away. She is covered in sweat but that is ok because the fever finally broke. YEAH!!! This makes me feel so much better.

So when I got back to work I met a lady who was shopping for her daughter. She had a Nikon camera so of course I had to ask her about it. She said she was a photographer and she gave me her card. OMG she is amazing. Here is a link to her site.

I hope that I can have this oneday and have make a decent living off of my work. We shall see...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not Again

We have another virus on our computer. OMG it drives me crazy. We downloaded anti virus software the last time this happened but then our computer ran slower than fred flinstone. So I have no idea what we are going to do. I think I am going to try and reboot the computer. We just need to get a new one.

So I may not be on here for a while.

Well Destinys birthday was Monday and she is 6. OMG that is crazy. Lanie is going to be 2 on Sunday. I was watching tapes of her last night when she was fresh and new and man I miss it. I miss her being nice and calm and quiet. But then when I hear her say Mommy or Oy Back my shoes then all is well. She has such a sweet voice.

I counted her shoe collection and she has 24 pairs of shoes. There are about 5 that she cannot wear right now because they are to big but that usually does not stop her. She wore some the other day that were WAY to big for her but did she care. NOPE.

Ok so I have decided that when I go grocery shopping this weekend I am getting healthy. Damn it I want to my getting skinny like my sister. And I do not want to embarass Lanie and Destiny.

The party is coming up and I am hoping that it does not rain. I will be very bummed. I need to come up with a back up plan in case it does rain.

Ok so for those of you who do not know my photography business may be starting soon. I do not want to jinx myself but here is what is going on. We have a friend who had a little girl in November. I took her newborn pics when I was at Target. She loved them. Well she works for a local mens store and called me the other day to see if I would do a photoshoot for the company. Basically she will set up a mock wedding party and I will take pics of them. From what she has said they may get large prints for the store and if the big bosses like them enough they may be in stores nationwide. SHUT UP!!! So then we talked today and she said that Davids Bridal is who they partner with and that they may use the pics in their stuff. OMG I want this so bad you have no idea. I really hope it works out for me. I am also going to be doing her daughters pics as well of pics of another friend and her baby. WOO HOO!!!

Ok so since the Real Housewives of New York Reunion was on tonight can I please talk about it. I cannot stand Kelly. I think that she has so many insecurities that she is very fake. Bethany is my favorite. She is very real and just cool as hell.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

What's that address again??? 801 Franklin you say...

Picture it. A small small house on the corner, porch swing, ceiling fan on the front porch, flowers in the front yard, the inside is clean and fresh, it has a white shelf with white baskets. I mean come on now. In the back is the gravel drive (will the kids make gravel trenches in the driveway like we did at our Grandma's house?), a red back deck/porch (could that be any fresher). The lawnmower is probably the best of all. If you refer to this clip - 55 seconds in

OMG she has a lawnmower like this. Now a Grandma living where she does with this kind of lawnmower is high faluten. When she pulls into the driveway in her Outback people know she is going to walk out of the car carrying her canvas totes (Earth Friendliness people) and in there are going to be Kashi Bars, Kashi Cereal, and some organic bananas. I mean come on folks, she's just that kind of person.

So have you guessed yet where she lives. If you are still unsure I will add this note. When I called her a few minutes ago she was lying on her front porch swing, with a pillow. Now all she needs is to clip out a coupon for 35 cents off a ground round.

You guessed it folks. Five Points. Congrats mom on your new HOME!!!

Look up and see what I see

OUR ROOF IS LEAKING AGAIN!!! C if you think it all only happens to you think again. I think we will be rethinking our decision to buy after the lease is up. I do not think we are ready to handle all the stresses that come with owning a home. Lets hope we can get this repaired quickly.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh but I thought it was exciting. Can I have a peanut butter sandwhich?

Ok so it is time to start Potty Training Lanie. She is constantly taking her diaper off and telling me Pee Pee. Well today she did it and I asked her if she wanted to go Pee and she said yes. She had already peed but she is putting the two concepts together. I took her into the bathroom and explained to her that I was very proud of her for telling me that she has peed and that she was a big girl. Then I asked her if next time we could try to get her pee in the toilet. She said uh huh. Well then we put her diaper back on. She had it back off in about 10 mins. She refused to put her diaper back on. Oh well I say. I let her run around naked. I found a wet spot in the bathroom a min ago. As I am typing this I am wondering if she took her diaper off, put it in the trash and then peed. If she did I say WOO HOO!!! I am so proud of her.

We had to make yet another trip to the ER last night. Like stated in my last post she fell the other night and hit her head. Well then last night Simon said she was running a fever and that she was very clingy and wouldn't eat or drink. Well that is usually a sign she does not feel good, if she lets you hold her. So off we went. We were there for 4 hours. OMG it was crazy. There was one girl in there who broke her nose. OUCH!!! The lady who came to check us out said that everyone was in there thinking they had the Swine Flu. She said You know parents don't understand they are doing worse by coming here because it is airborne and they are spreading it. I don't think she was supposed to be talking to me about stuff like that, giving me er opinions on other people. So anyways, me being the crazy woman that I am I thought that the clear liquid coming out of Lanies nose was from her brain. See I am one of those who get online, look up symptoms, and then swear the worst thing is wrong with my child. I looked up head trauma and thought, yea we are tired, we are crabby, we have clear liquid leaking from our nose, must have a head injury. So I asked the doctor and he told me that CM liquid ( I think that is what he called it ) is like water and will not crust up. *File in back of memory because I am sure Lanie will hit her head again in the near future**KNOCK ON WOOD*. So they tested her for strep and it came back negative. They are doing a longer lab test and said if it is positive they will call me. I hope they do call if it is positive. You know sometimes they forget. They gave her and RX for amoxicillin and sent us on our way.

Lanie is taking a nap now so I am trying to use these few moments I have on here to update everything.

So if you read my sisters blog you know she has and Eddie idea for the day every day. Well I am going to do a Bad Seed one. I know I am a dork.

So if you go to youtube and view this clip

and skip ahead to 5minutes and 13seconds you will notice Rhodas glasses that Monica gave her.

Then go here

and skip to 5minutes and 45seconds. I think mom has stolen Rhodas glasses. Smooth move mom. Just adding yourself the the old hit list.

Enjoy your day

Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh I've got the prettiest mother, I've got the nicest mother, That's what I tell everybody, I say I've got the sweetest mother in the world

THANK YOU SO MUCH Mom....This was a great mothers day present. For those of you who do not know we went to a Matilda Jane Trunk Show tonight and mom bought Lanie some pieces.
OH my they are so cute. Thank you again.

Lanie fell off of the porch today and hit her head. She cried for a few minutes and then was ok. I hope she is fine. Simon said there was no need to take her to the ER. I would take her everytime she banged her head.

Well that is really all for tonight

Heres some excelsior for you, you talk silly all the time

Oh my goodness my child. I sure do love her. I am amazed at how much she is starting to say. The other night she let me know that I was putting on her hoat (coat ... it was really a vest). Then she let Gamz know that there was a beh hoat (big coat). Today we were reading her alphabet books and I showed her the octopus and she said oc pus. That just excites me.

OH MY GOD ... Mom you have a lawnmower like LeRoys. WOO HOO!!! I am very sorry for snapping at you yesterday like I did. I was having a REALLY bad day.

Ok well I thought I was going to be able to write a full post but Lanie is thriving for my attention so I will have to write more later

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Girl and Her Umbrella

My oh my how Lanie loves her umbrella. She found it today and got it out and opened and closed it about 20 times. She LOVES it. If she sees it and I do not let her have it she freaks. I wonder what it is about it.

She is still as mean as she can be. She is constantly telling me about a new boo boo she has acquired. Everday she is learning more words. Everyday she seems to be getting a little smarter. A friend of ours ordered that "Your Baby Can Read" off of the TV. As soon as we find someone who has a DVD burner we are going to burn it (as long as it has no block on it). I am going to make flash cards and we are going to work on reading.

We are also about to start potty training. She is ready but then when she gets on the potty she sits there for like 2 seconds and then says she is all done. I wish I could be home with her because then I would just let her go with no diaper and run to her potty when she starts to go. What has a little pee on the floor ever done to anyone?

Lanie has taken after her cousins pig and nut with putting her turds on the floor. As I was changing her diaper last night she decided to sling her diaper and a little piece of poop fell on the floor. Gross!!!

Oh and speaking of gross may I had that I cleaned up some of Nuts throw up last night. There was not much but for any of you that know me know that that is a big deal for me. OH MY puke. If I am going to clean up after you puke then you know I TRULY love you.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Pitter Patter

I have decided today that I absolutely love the sound of Lanie running down the hall when she wakes up from a nap. It is kind of a bitter sweet sound. The first thought is aw here comes my baby and I am so excited to see her. Then I think we go, six mores hours of whines, cries, rants, tatnrums, dop its, and daaaeeeess. Man I love that girl.

She has not done much really in the last few days. She is learning more and more words everyday and now she is starting to ask where all kinds of people are. Her list of people she asks for are Daddy, Omi, Pappy, Sissy (Brianna), and Des. I never hear her ask where i am because DUH I am with her.

Monday, April 13, 2009


How in the world is it that I have the cutest daughter EVER!!! I know all the other moms out there would beg to differ but I mean really, have you ever seen Lanie do pageant face or say "Shew Gee Gee". I mean come on. Life does not get much better than that, unless of course you win the lottery and can afford everything you want from Gymboree. Oh yea have I mentioned that I am addicted to that place?!?

So Lanie spent the day with Daddy and then her Gamz took her to Costco for a shopping trip, though that is not what Lanie had planned. When they got in the parking lot Lanie said I wanna eat so they left and went to get something to eat. How is it that she is 1 and she is already in charge???

I have decided today is the day for change. I am going to attempt to be skinny and I am going to try to be a better mommy. I am slacking in those departments and need to tighten my belt and get on with growing up. I went into Frock Candy today, tried on some clothes, and went UUGGGHHHHH at the sight of the BIGGEST arms in the universe staring back at me from the mirror. OUCH!!!

Let's see how this all works out. Post more later

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter...

We will be enjoying the day in the comfort of our house. Lanie has been sick with allergies (cold) and last night started to run a fever. It is small but we are going to stay away for the day. The easter bunny did not come last night. He is going to wait for Destiny to be here. I will not be able to do that in two years because then Lanie will be old enough to know he is supposed to be here on Easter morning.

I am going to try and get the crib cleaned out today. HAHAHAHAHAHA Fat chance in hell huh? I may not finish but Damn it I am going to try and start on it. I am determined to one day know where all of our clothes are.

Not much to write about now but I will share more later

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm horrible

I am horrible because I never get on here anymore. But there is really not much that goes on anymore. Our lives mainly consist of me working and Lanie being at Omi's. We had our pageant and she had so much fun. I was stressed the whole time but she was alot to keep up with. She took first runner up and prettiest eyes. I was very glad she got it. I am hoping to continue doing pageants though we will have to keep them to small local pageants. We got invited to the big Sunburst pageant and WOW would it be expensive. Well today we are going to go on an easter egg hunt so hopefully we will have fun.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh and I forgot to add I have decided on a photogenic pic

Eyes, Shoes, and Sauucceee

I bet you are wondering what in the hell the title means. Well Lanie loves her eyes(sunglasses), Shoes, and Sauucceee(Socks). We were going through clothes last night and found a lot of shoes that she had to try on. And then once I got her ready for bed she wanted to have her eyes to wear. I think I have created a monster.

Nothing new has really happened in the last few days. Lanie is just being meaner as the days pass and I am making myself sick over the pageant.

Last night we were getting dress in her room after taking a bath. A box in the corner of her room tipped over and made a noise and it scared her to death. You could see the look on her face that she was terrified. She looked over towards me and just got this real sad look on her face. Then she sat in my lap up against me for almost 5 minutes. When I tried to stand her up she would not stand up. Finally she was ok but it was so sad and sweet at the same time.

Well we are off to see what other adventure west huntsville toe baby can get into

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pageant Nightmares

Ok so I do not know if I can stand another week of pageant nightmares. The first one I had Lanie did not even get to walk on the stage. Then when I told the judges they forgot her they let her walk but gave her the lowest score. We had also forgotten her photogenic pic.

Last night I dreamed that we got to the pageant very early and I was so excited. Then when he called us on stage we had forgotten our form. He said we could not compete and I begged to let him let me fill out a form real fast. It took me forever and then when I was finished I realized it was the wrong form. Then after we walked and stuff Lanie undressed and went to sleep on a bench. She fell off (who would have ever guessed). I got her dressed for crowning and then we left. When Simon got home he asked how she did and I told him I didn't know because we had forgotten to stay for crowning.

I want her to do so good so now I am worrying about everything. I think I am going to have to give people jobs while we are there. Dad of course will be the videographer/photographer. Christa and mom I am hoping will stand behind the judges to make her smile.

I am also wondering if I need to add rhinestones to her dress and shoes. OMG why does this have to be so stressful for me. Hell Lanie is over there and has no idea what she is about to do and I am worrying like it is the Miss USA for babies. Well off to practice

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March 17, 2009


Wow what a day. Lanie is 22 months today. Man on man where has the time gone. We went to the park today with our friends Jackie and Meike. We were on a mission to get Lanies photogenic pic. I took tons and I only got one that might work. And I didn't even get it at the park I got it later in the day. I got the perfect one at the park but it was blurry. BOO!!! Here is the pic that I got that may work. I am going to ask the ladies on cafemom.I think I am also going to ask them if the pic I have used on the header will work.

Lanie has yet to try on the outfit she got yesterday. GGRRR!!! But how can you stay mad at her. She is still obsessed with being a baby and she has now become addicted to fruit snacks. She LOVES them...

Today I made Lanie a memory board. Here are some pics of it...
And here is what it will be used for

March 16, 2009

Ok so I have learned that I am not going to be able to do this everyday. But every other or every few days is better than nothing huh?!? Simon and I were off today and I guess you could say we "enjoyed our day". We took our friend to the airport so she could go back home from visiting. Then we spent some time with Lanie and Simon escaped to the garage. It is almost finished. WOO HOO!!! Lanie and I went and got materials to make a memory board to hang her bows and sunglasses from. It is almost finished but I ran out of ribbon a minute ago so I will have to go and get some more tomorrow.

Today Lanie said inside. I think this is the first day that she has said this. Everyday she just gets funner and funner. (Yes I know funner is not a word). We also read an ABC book and I asked her where the A B C D E were and she pointed them out. YEAH!!!
We got her outfit today. For those of you who do not know what outfit it is the same outfit she wore in her hospital pic, just in her size now. I am so excited to see it on her. She would not let us try it on her tonight. She is so mean.

She has recently decided that she either wants to be a baby or play baby lately so I got a pic of her feeding her baby today. She is so funny

Saturday, March 14, 2009

March 14, 2009

We have had a fun day today (partially). We went to kids market and got some of the cutest clothes. Then mom kept Lanie while I went to work. From what I was told Lanie hurt herself about 4 times. She better quit the pageant is in two weeks. Speaking of when we got home tonight she tried on her dress and here it is...Wow how cute is she. I cannot wait. Well good night and we will refresh you tomorrow

Friday, March 13, 2009

March 12, 2009

WOO HOO!!! I racked up at Old Navy today. They had things marked down a lot and then I had a coupon. But then I got home and tried Lanies stuff on her and it is all too small. So I am going to have to return it and then wait for bigger sizes. Boo!!!

So anyways. Lanie has really turned into a talker. Most of the time you still do not understand what she is saying. But there are some things that she has just started saying that are so cute like "outside", "where's sam?", and "Lay-Lay".

Man she is so darn cute. I am hoping we are getting better. She is kinda runny, not out of her nose but down her throat. I am hoping that means her ears are draining.

Well not much more from here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 11, 2009

I didn't post yesterday? I swore I did. Oh well. So this morning/last night I woke up to Lanie throwing up again. YEAH!!! So I decided we should go back to the dr. She got up and puked between 2 and 3 and did not go back to sleep until 5:30ish...YIKES!!! When I left this morning for work she was still asleep and stayed with Daddy until OMI picked her up. I went and got her, took her to the DR and she still has double ear infections. They said her throat was still red so they put her on a stronger antibiotic for 10 days. Everyone was concerned why I didn't have them test her for strep, but why. If they did test her and it came up positive they would have done the same thing they did without testing her. She was already hating it so why torture her more. We have to go back in two weeks and I am hoping she will be fine then. While we were at the DR office she was trying to walk into the well waiting room and ran into the corner of the wall (because she was looking back at me) then she fell straight back onto the back of her head. Needless to say she was not very happy and screamed for a bit. Now she has a big line on her forhead.

So Aunt Christa went to the consignment sale tonight and picked Lanie up some oh so cute outfits. Here are some pics of three of them. The other is a onesie that Lanie would not take a pic in. She gets excited for like the first pic and then she is done. She was also very proud of her clothes. She was very happy when she saw them and carried the around the living room.

Yea the last pic is horrible and she looks a bit psycho....Gotta love her though

Monday, March 9, 2009

March 9, 2009

Today ends me 4 day off period from work and I am bummed. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Lanie and I just hung out at the house today and cleaned. She was sick but hopefully is over it. I am so ready for us to all be well again. SO I really did not get any good pics of her today. This pic I took because I was trying to snap a pic of her outfit but she was not having it.She was not very happy. She also today has decided that she likes to be in charge of the DVD player. She spent several minutes changing DVDs out. She was so funny. We went and ran errands and hopefully found the shoes to go with her pageant dress. We are trying it all on together Wednesday so we shall see. We will keep our fingers crossed. I am happy to report that our room is no longer as dirty as it was in the above picture. And while I was cleaning look what I found in the dresser
She decided to climb in there and hide from me. This pic was taken as she was getting out. She actually had the door shut and everything trying to hide.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

MIA - March 8

Ok so we have been MIA for over a week now. We have had strep and have just been flat out lazy. Yes my dad says being sick is no exscuse but I beg to differ. When you cannot put a lil one down because she is sick with fever and wants to be held, you are pretty tied up. So anyways we are all well now and back on track I hope. Lanie has enjoyed the weekend because I have not had to work and we have had Destiny. She sure does love her "sissy", as Lanie calls her.

We got Lanies dress for the pageant. I cannot wait. Now we just need to decide if she is going to be doing the casual wear portion. I have found the cutest outfit if she is.

Well there is not really a whole lot that has gone on. She is asleep and tomorrow there is a lot of cleaning and errands that need to be done.

We will keep you posted

Friday, February 27, 2009

February 27, 2009

Bad Mommy...I have no pic for today. We got up this morning and the fever was no where near as bad as it was last night. Small but ok. I called the doc anyway and we took her in. She has an ear infection and strep throat. I am going to be taking medicine as well because my throat is sore. Go figure.

After her doctors appointment I had to go to work so she was at OMIs. I picked her up and we went and bought some new cups. OMG she got some of the cutest ones I think I have ever seen. WOO HOO!!! You know I am all about an accessory.

She fell asleep before we made it home. Not much excitement for the day.

Good Night

February 26, 2009

Ok so this morning we are the true example of what West Huntsville is...

We went outside today and enjoyed the weather. We painted with sidewalk chalk and Lanie made a mess that I thought would be a great pic

The men also came in and started to fix the roof. They got most of it done and they are returning Friday morning to fix the remainder of it.
Then we had our first denist appointment. They do not let the parents come back but there is a large window that you look through. I understand why they do it because if I would have been in there she would not have let me go. She did way better than I though she would. The hygentist had to get help though and they had to hold her down to clean her teeth. Then she got to get a prize and she chose a slinky. When they were done they said the doctor wanted to talk to me. Man was I nervous. He said her teeth looked good but that she may have a gap in her front teeth when her adult teeth grow in. The skin that connects her top lip to her gum is really thick. He said the adult teeth may grow in and there may not be a gap. So give thanks to Dad or GaGa for the Gap. We are not going to fix it when she gets older because we want to keep the gap in the family. We will only fix it if she chooses to have it fixed.
When we got home Lanie started running a fever and you could tell she just did not feel good. She ran a fever most of the night so we are going to be calling the doctor in the morning and going to see her.
We will keep you updated....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February 25, 2009

This morning started off horribly. We had our sink fixed last night but they had to come back this morning and fix the bathroom sink. The guy was real nice but the landlords are a**es and then the city came and cleaned the drainage system. So we were brushing our teeth with nasty water. JOY!!!
Lanie went to OMIs today while we were at work. She had chicken alfredo for dinner. Man does she love that stuff!
When I picked her up she went to the dresser and got her shoes down. When she did she stuck her hand in one shoe and then put her index finger in the other shoe and picked them up with one hand. How in the world does she know how to do that???
She is such a ham. She kept wanting me to take her pic after I took this one. I think she just likes to look at herself on the screen. Already the makings of a great beauty queen.
We are going to take a bath and then I am going to put her to bed. She has a big day tomorrow. She has her first dentist appointment. =)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February 24, 2009

Not much excitment this morning. I had to get Lanie out of bed and take her straight to her OMIs. She stayed up late last night so she was trying to sleep in this morning.
Mom called me this morning to let me know she has pnuemonia...How fun. Despite her illness she is still being a trooper and trying to win tickets to see Kenny Chesney....This blog is supposed to be about Lanie...Not mom.

When I picked up Lanie from OMIs we came home to find the sink backed up. We called RotoRooter and they are here fixing it as I type this. Lanie slipped on the water (because it backed up so much it overflowed onto the floor) and fell backwards and hit her head...She is fine
As I was attempting to wash some dishes int the bathtub(WOW!), Lanie got my hair straightner and mirror and decided to try and straighten her hair. It was so cute. She was holding the mirror in one hand and the straightner in the other moving it from the top of her head to the bottom like
she was really straightning her hair.
Once again she has some puzzle pieces stuffed into her onesie. That is so her thing.
The RotoRooter men are almost done and I just
got Lanie in her jammies. She let me know she wanted to brush her teeth. While I was getting the step stool open I did not realize her finger was in there and I smashed her finger. Bad Mommy. I cried. She cried, but only for a minute. Then she was ready to brush her teeth. She kept telling me to Top it (Stop it). I was messing with her ear. She likes to tell me to stop it...A LOT!!!
I am about to clean her face and we are going to go lay in the bed. Hopefully she will go to sleep and I can watch the Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion.

She climbed into my lap and said "baby". I said do you want to play new baby and she said yea. So I rocked her to sleep like a new baby and I sang to her like a new baby and when I looked down she was asleep. Oh how I love her....

Nite Nite

Monday, February 23, 2009

February 23, 2009

Lanie has recently become interested in Spongebob Squarepants. I was hoping we could avoid him but there is no way. With all the kids around her watching it there is no way we can avoid it. So this morning she found Destiny's pajamas and wanted to wear them...So here she is. She also wanted to wear Destiny's goggles. She is so silly.

That was really all that happened today. I have been at work most of the day so have missed out on all her festivities.

As I type tonight she is laying on my lap sucking her fingers, rubbing Simons motorcycle mask. She will be asleep soon I do believe.

Well good night and we will see what tomorrow brings...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 22, 2009

Ok so I have decided that since Lanie has become so interesting I am going to start a blog/365 for Lanie. This way I can keep you all up to date and have captured memories for her when she gets older. For those of you who do not know what a 365 is it is basically taking a picture of her everyday to see how she grows and changes.

Today has been like most. We got up to the words of "mil mil" and she was wanting to eat. She does not wake slowly. She is up and ready to go. I have no idea how she does it. Last night she had fallen asleep and Daddy, Destiny, and I were watching movies and eating chips. She, I guess, heard the bag and rolled over, woke up, and reached out for a chip. Now how in the world does someone do that. I guess she takes after me in that aspect, always wanting to eat.

SO anyways back to today. We woke up, ate, and she played with Destiny. I did however find her at one point during the day with her contraband. She started about a month and a half ago sticking stuff in her clothes. I think she got it from a certain someone we will leave unnamed who puts her phone in her bra (you know who you are). Well she just started with shoving her night night in her sleeper and now it is all kinds of stuff. She has even tried to shove CDs, DVDs, and books down there. Today I found 37 puzzle pieces, a block, and a pair of scissors from her doctors kit. She is crazy. She had her pants stuffed so much oneday that she could not even walk because what she had in there was falling into the foot of her sleeper.

Later today we went shopping and then we went and ate at Pappy's. YUM YUM!!! She sure does love his cookies. We took Des home and then Lanie took a big nap (at 6pm I might add).

We went to Wal-Mart...One of our favorite stores. While we were there she spotted a SpongeBob shirt and all she was saying was Bah-Bah Bah-Bah. She loves SpongeBob...Man I am so mad about that. I was hoping we could keep her away from that show.

She is taking a bath with Daddy as I type this...She loves to take a bath. I am hoping I can get her out and she will go to bed so me and Daddy can watch some movies.

Good Night for now and I will see you tomorrow...