Monday, April 13, 2009


How in the world is it that I have the cutest daughter EVER!!! I know all the other moms out there would beg to differ but I mean really, have you ever seen Lanie do pageant face or say "Shew Gee Gee". I mean come on. Life does not get much better than that, unless of course you win the lottery and can afford everything you want from Gymboree. Oh yea have I mentioned that I am addicted to that place?!?

So Lanie spent the day with Daddy and then her Gamz took her to Costco for a shopping trip, though that is not what Lanie had planned. When they got in the parking lot Lanie said I wanna eat so they left and went to get something to eat. How is it that she is 1 and she is already in charge???

I have decided today is the day for change. I am going to attempt to be skinny and I am going to try to be a better mommy. I am slacking in those departments and need to tighten my belt and get on with growing up. I went into Frock Candy today, tried on some clothes, and went UUGGGHHHHH at the sight of the BIGGEST arms in the universe staring back at me from the mirror. OUCH!!!

Let's see how this all works out. Post more later

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