Saturday, September 25, 2010


Why do we moms decide we are going to start a blog? I mean who really has time for it. What with things like FB and all. Someone said FB is only a daycare for adults. Man were they right. I cannot seem to pull myself away. And not cause I care what your status is, how you are feeling that day, or what your score is on bejewled. I only get on to look at pageant things. I am sick. I have an obsession and it is insane. But it is healthy right. I mean I could be looking stalking people that I once knew. WHO CARES about them when there is a dress or an outfit to be had.

So where are we at since the last time I updated? Who knows? Lanie is doing great in school. She is learning her letters, well learning the ones she does not know. She is learning the phonics of them as well and is also learning her numbers and colors. She is doing very good coloring but seems to have an attitude problem. Really? NO!!! Not from a 3 year old girl. She loves to back talk and tell the adults no....Oh how to handle this situation.

I think we are going to begin to pull cards. You know, like the do in Kindergarten...Yea I will let you know how that goes.

As far as the pageant world she still seems to love them. She never really wants to practice but who can blame her? I mean why would you want to get dressed up in cute clothes and parade around the house to blaring music? Does not sound very appealing to me.

She has also expressed an interest in gymnastics and softball, so we are going to hit up a gym soon and do a free class and check on t-ball for the spring. I even found her a pink and purple glove....Oh yea!!!

I am going to try and be good about writing down cute phrases and sayings she has....I want to make sure I can remember them all as she gets older. If you see any I have left off feel free to add:

ALMENS - "All of them"
TAAGGER IT - "Tag your it"
SURE TURN - "Your turn"