Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh and I forgot to add I have decided on a photogenic pic

Eyes, Shoes, and Sauucceee

I bet you are wondering what in the hell the title means. Well Lanie loves her eyes(sunglasses), Shoes, and Sauucceee(Socks). We were going through clothes last night and found a lot of shoes that she had to try on. And then once I got her ready for bed she wanted to have her eyes to wear. I think I have created a monster.

Nothing new has really happened in the last few days. Lanie is just being meaner as the days pass and I am making myself sick over the pageant.

Last night we were getting dress in her room after taking a bath. A box in the corner of her room tipped over and made a noise and it scared her to death. You could see the look on her face that she was terrified. She looked over towards me and just got this real sad look on her face. Then she sat in my lap up against me for almost 5 minutes. When I tried to stand her up she would not stand up. Finally she was ok but it was so sad and sweet at the same time.

Well we are off to see what other adventure west huntsville toe baby can get into

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pageant Nightmares

Ok so I do not know if I can stand another week of pageant nightmares. The first one I had Lanie did not even get to walk on the stage. Then when I told the judges they forgot her they let her walk but gave her the lowest score. We had also forgotten her photogenic pic.

Last night I dreamed that we got to the pageant very early and I was so excited. Then when he called us on stage we had forgotten our form. He said we could not compete and I begged to let him let me fill out a form real fast. It took me forever and then when I was finished I realized it was the wrong form. Then after we walked and stuff Lanie undressed and went to sleep on a bench. She fell off (who would have ever guessed). I got her dressed for crowning and then we left. When Simon got home he asked how she did and I told him I didn't know because we had forgotten to stay for crowning.

I want her to do so good so now I am worrying about everything. I think I am going to have to give people jobs while we are there. Dad of course will be the videographer/photographer. Christa and mom I am hoping will stand behind the judges to make her smile.

I am also wondering if I need to add rhinestones to her dress and shoes. OMG why does this have to be so stressful for me. Hell Lanie is over there and has no idea what she is about to do and I am worrying like it is the Miss USA for babies. Well off to practice

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March 17, 2009


Wow what a day. Lanie is 22 months today. Man on man where has the time gone. We went to the park today with our friends Jackie and Meike. We were on a mission to get Lanies photogenic pic. I took tons and I only got one that might work. And I didn't even get it at the park I got it later in the day. I got the perfect one at the park but it was blurry. BOO!!! Here is the pic that I got that may work. I am going to ask the ladies on cafemom.I think I am also going to ask them if the pic I have used on the header will work.

Lanie has yet to try on the outfit she got yesterday. GGRRR!!! But how can you stay mad at her. She is still obsessed with being a baby and she has now become addicted to fruit snacks. She LOVES them...

Today I made Lanie a memory board. Here are some pics of it...
And here is what it will be used for

March 16, 2009

Ok so I have learned that I am not going to be able to do this everyday. But every other or every few days is better than nothing huh?!? Simon and I were off today and I guess you could say we "enjoyed our day". We took our friend to the airport so she could go back home from visiting. Then we spent some time with Lanie and Simon escaped to the garage. It is almost finished. WOO HOO!!! Lanie and I went and got materials to make a memory board to hang her bows and sunglasses from. It is almost finished but I ran out of ribbon a minute ago so I will have to go and get some more tomorrow.

Today Lanie said inside. I think this is the first day that she has said this. Everyday she just gets funner and funner. (Yes I know funner is not a word). We also read an ABC book and I asked her where the A B C D E were and she pointed them out. YEAH!!!
We got her outfit today. For those of you who do not know what outfit it is the same outfit she wore in her hospital pic, just in her size now. I am so excited to see it on her. She would not let us try it on her tonight. She is so mean.

She has recently decided that she either wants to be a baby or play baby lately so I got a pic of her feeding her baby today. She is so funny

Saturday, March 14, 2009

March 14, 2009

We have had a fun day today (partially). We went to kids market and got some of the cutest clothes. Then mom kept Lanie while I went to work. From what I was told Lanie hurt herself about 4 times. She better quit the pageant is in two weeks. Speaking of when we got home tonight she tried on her dress and here it is...Wow how cute is she. I cannot wait. Well good night and we will refresh you tomorrow

Friday, March 13, 2009

March 12, 2009

WOO HOO!!! I racked up at Old Navy today. They had things marked down a lot and then I had a coupon. But then I got home and tried Lanies stuff on her and it is all too small. So I am going to have to return it and then wait for bigger sizes. Boo!!!

So anyways. Lanie has really turned into a talker. Most of the time you still do not understand what she is saying. But there are some things that she has just started saying that are so cute like "outside", "where's sam?", and "Lay-Lay".

Man she is so darn cute. I am hoping we are getting better. She is kinda runny, not out of her nose but down her throat. I am hoping that means her ears are draining.

Well not much more from here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 11, 2009

I didn't post yesterday? I swore I did. Oh well. So this morning/last night I woke up to Lanie throwing up again. YEAH!!! So I decided we should go back to the dr. She got up and puked between 2 and 3 and did not go back to sleep until 5:30ish...YIKES!!! When I left this morning for work she was still asleep and stayed with Daddy until OMI picked her up. I went and got her, took her to the DR and she still has double ear infections. They said her throat was still red so they put her on a stronger antibiotic for 10 days. Everyone was concerned why I didn't have them test her for strep, but why. If they did test her and it came up positive they would have done the same thing they did without testing her. She was already hating it so why torture her more. We have to go back in two weeks and I am hoping she will be fine then. While we were at the DR office she was trying to walk into the well waiting room and ran into the corner of the wall (because she was looking back at me) then she fell straight back onto the back of her head. Needless to say she was not very happy and screamed for a bit. Now she has a big line on her forhead.

So Aunt Christa went to the consignment sale tonight and picked Lanie up some oh so cute outfits. Here are some pics of three of them. The other is a onesie that Lanie would not take a pic in. She gets excited for like the first pic and then she is done. She was also very proud of her clothes. She was very happy when she saw them and carried the around the living room.

Yea the last pic is horrible and she looks a bit psycho....Gotta love her though

Monday, March 9, 2009

March 9, 2009

Today ends me 4 day off period from work and I am bummed. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Lanie and I just hung out at the house today and cleaned. She was sick but hopefully is over it. I am so ready for us to all be well again. SO I really did not get any good pics of her today. This pic I took because I was trying to snap a pic of her outfit but she was not having it.She was not very happy. She also today has decided that she likes to be in charge of the DVD player. She spent several minutes changing DVDs out. She was so funny. We went and ran errands and hopefully found the shoes to go with her pageant dress. We are trying it all on together Wednesday so we shall see. We will keep our fingers crossed. I am happy to report that our room is no longer as dirty as it was in the above picture. And while I was cleaning look what I found in the dresser
She decided to climb in there and hide from me. This pic was taken as she was getting out. She actually had the door shut and everything trying to hide.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

MIA - March 8

Ok so we have been MIA for over a week now. We have had strep and have just been flat out lazy. Yes my dad says being sick is no exscuse but I beg to differ. When you cannot put a lil one down because she is sick with fever and wants to be held, you are pretty tied up. So anyways we are all well now and back on track I hope. Lanie has enjoyed the weekend because I have not had to work and we have had Destiny. She sure does love her "sissy", as Lanie calls her.

We got Lanies dress for the pageant. I cannot wait. Now we just need to decide if she is going to be doing the casual wear portion. I have found the cutest outfit if she is.

Well there is not really a whole lot that has gone on. She is asleep and tomorrow there is a lot of cleaning and errands that need to be done.

We will keep you posted