Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March 17, 2009


Wow what a day. Lanie is 22 months today. Man on man where has the time gone. We went to the park today with our friends Jackie and Meike. We were on a mission to get Lanies photogenic pic. I took tons and I only got one that might work. And I didn't even get it at the park I got it later in the day. I got the perfect one at the park but it was blurry. BOO!!! Here is the pic that I got that may work. I am going to ask the ladies on cafemom.I think I am also going to ask them if the pic I have used on the header will work.

Lanie has yet to try on the outfit she got yesterday. GGRRR!!! But how can you stay mad at her. She is still obsessed with being a baby and she has now become addicted to fruit snacks. She LOVES them...

Today I made Lanie a memory board. Here are some pics of it...
And here is what it will be used for

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