Friday, April 8, 2011

Super Star

Why is it that children are so good at school but the minute they leave the building they change. And I don't just mean a little. I mean a whole 180. Like the second they hit the air with their parents something in their body reacts with the oxygen they breath in and they go insane. I only say this because my child got the super star at school the other day. I tried to start an allowance today and told Lanie if she would change the trash and pick up her mess I woul give her a whole dollar. NO LUCK!!! If you can't bribe a kid with money then what is left. Lanie had a fit the other day because she had 4 quarters and not a dollar bill. I explained to her it was the exact same amount of money and she would be able to buy the exact same thing with it but she had a melt down. So what did I do. Exchanged the quarters for a dollar bill. Throw in a chore though and they do not care. Now she did take the trash bag out of the trash can and replace it with a new bag so she will get .50c, but why was it so hard to clean up her mess. And can I add that the mess she made was Easter grass. EASTER GRASS!!!!! Thank God I had not vaccumed yet. Anyways back to my point. She got the superstar at school cause she was so good but when she is home she is the most defiant 3 year old I think I have ever seen. I blame it on Daddy. He has given in to her since day one and I will hold firm. Well I give in too but I will stand firm when I have to. Ok I keep losing my train of thought. So we are still on our medicine for our finger. We have only two more pills left. I am hoping we do not have to go back on it because she HATES it. But shockingly when she is at school she takes it fine. I have been told she does not hold her nose and in the mornings before school she tells me she wants her teachers to give her her medicine and not me. So again. Something about school. I dunno