Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh but I thought it was exciting. Can I have a peanut butter sandwhich?

Ok so it is time to start Potty Training Lanie. She is constantly taking her diaper off and telling me Pee Pee. Well today she did it and I asked her if she wanted to go Pee and she said yes. She had already peed but she is putting the two concepts together. I took her into the bathroom and explained to her that I was very proud of her for telling me that she has peed and that she was a big girl. Then I asked her if next time we could try to get her pee in the toilet. She said uh huh. Well then we put her diaper back on. She had it back off in about 10 mins. She refused to put her diaper back on. Oh well I say. I let her run around naked. I found a wet spot in the bathroom a min ago. As I am typing this I am wondering if she took her diaper off, put it in the trash and then peed. If she did I say WOO HOO!!! I am so proud of her.

We had to make yet another trip to the ER last night. Like stated in my last post she fell the other night and hit her head. Well then last night Simon said she was running a fever and that she was very clingy and wouldn't eat or drink. Well that is usually a sign she does not feel good, if she lets you hold her. So off we went. We were there for 4 hours. OMG it was crazy. There was one girl in there who broke her nose. OUCH!!! The lady who came to check us out said that everyone was in there thinking they had the Swine Flu. She said You know parents don't understand they are doing worse by coming here because it is airborne and they are spreading it. I don't think she was supposed to be talking to me about stuff like that, giving me er opinions on other people. So anyways, me being the crazy woman that I am I thought that the clear liquid coming out of Lanies nose was from her brain. See I am one of those who get online, look up symptoms, and then swear the worst thing is wrong with my child. I looked up head trauma and thought, yea we are tired, we are crabby, we have clear liquid leaking from our nose, must have a head injury. So I asked the doctor and he told me that CM liquid ( I think that is what he called it ) is like water and will not crust up. *File in back of memory because I am sure Lanie will hit her head again in the near future**KNOCK ON WOOD*. So they tested her for strep and it came back negative. They are doing a longer lab test and said if it is positive they will call me. I hope they do call if it is positive. You know sometimes they forget. They gave her and RX for amoxicillin and sent us on our way.

Lanie is taking a nap now so I am trying to use these few moments I have on here to update everything.

So if you read my sisters blog you know she has and Eddie idea for the day every day. Well I am going to do a Bad Seed one. I know I am a dork.

So if you go to youtube and view this clip

and skip ahead to 5minutes and 13seconds you will notice Rhodas glasses that Monica gave her.

Then go here

and skip to 5minutes and 45seconds. I think mom has stolen Rhodas glasses. Smooth move mom. Just adding yourself the the old hit list.

Enjoy your day

Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh I've got the prettiest mother, I've got the nicest mother, That's what I tell everybody, I say I've got the sweetest mother in the world

THANK YOU SO MUCH Mom....This was a great mothers day present. For those of you who do not know we went to a Matilda Jane Trunk Show tonight and mom bought Lanie some pieces.
OH my they are so cute. Thank you again.

Lanie fell off of the porch today and hit her head. She cried for a few minutes and then was ok. I hope she is fine. Simon said there was no need to take her to the ER. I would take her everytime she banged her head.

Well that is really all for tonight

Heres some excelsior for you, you talk silly all the time

Oh my goodness my child. I sure do love her. I am amazed at how much she is starting to say. The other night she let me know that I was putting on her hoat (coat ... it was really a vest). Then she let Gamz know that there was a beh hoat (big coat). Today we were reading her alphabet books and I showed her the octopus and she said oc pus. That just excites me.

OH MY GOD ... Mom you have a lawnmower like LeRoys. WOO HOO!!! I am very sorry for snapping at you yesterday like I did. I was having a REALLY bad day.

Ok well I thought I was going to be able to write a full post but Lanie is thriving for my attention so I will have to write more later

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Girl and Her Umbrella

My oh my how Lanie loves her umbrella. She found it today and got it out and opened and closed it about 20 times. She LOVES it. If she sees it and I do not let her have it she freaks. I wonder what it is about it.

She is still as mean as she can be. She is constantly telling me about a new boo boo she has acquired. Everday she is learning more words. Everyday she seems to be getting a little smarter. A friend of ours ordered that "Your Baby Can Read" off of the TV. As soon as we find someone who has a DVD burner we are going to burn it (as long as it has no block on it). I am going to make flash cards and we are going to work on reading.

We are also about to start potty training. She is ready but then when she gets on the potty she sits there for like 2 seconds and then says she is all done. I wish I could be home with her because then I would just let her go with no diaper and run to her potty when she starts to go. What has a little pee on the floor ever done to anyone?

Lanie has taken after her cousins pig and nut with putting her turds on the floor. As I was changing her diaper last night she decided to sling her diaper and a little piece of poop fell on the floor. Gross!!!

Oh and speaking of gross may I had that I cleaned up some of Nuts throw up last night. There was not much but for any of you that know me know that that is a big deal for me. OH MY puke. If I am going to clean up after you puke then you know I TRULY love you.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Pitter Patter

I have decided today that I absolutely love the sound of Lanie running down the hall when she wakes up from a nap. It is kind of a bitter sweet sound. The first thought is aw here comes my baby and I am so excited to see her. Then I think we go, six mores hours of whines, cries, rants, tatnrums, dop its, and daaaeeeess. Man I love that girl.

She has not done much really in the last few days. She is learning more and more words everyday and now she is starting to ask where all kinds of people are. Her list of people she asks for are Daddy, Omi, Pappy, Sissy (Brianna), and Des. I never hear her ask where i am because DUH I am with her.

Monday, April 13, 2009


How in the world is it that I have the cutest daughter EVER!!! I know all the other moms out there would beg to differ but I mean really, have you ever seen Lanie do pageant face or say "Shew Gee Gee". I mean come on. Life does not get much better than that, unless of course you win the lottery and can afford everything you want from Gymboree. Oh yea have I mentioned that I am addicted to that place?!?

So Lanie spent the day with Daddy and then her Gamz took her to Costco for a shopping trip, though that is not what Lanie had planned. When they got in the parking lot Lanie said I wanna eat so they left and went to get something to eat. How is it that she is 1 and she is already in charge???

I have decided today is the day for change. I am going to attempt to be skinny and I am going to try to be a better mommy. I am slacking in those departments and need to tighten my belt and get on with growing up. I went into Frock Candy today, tried on some clothes, and went UUGGGHHHHH at the sight of the BIGGEST arms in the universe staring back at me from the mirror. OUCH!!!

Let's see how this all works out. Post more later

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter...

We will be enjoying the day in the comfort of our house. Lanie has been sick with allergies (cold) and last night started to run a fever. It is small but we are going to stay away for the day. The easter bunny did not come last night. He is going to wait for Destiny to be here. I will not be able to do that in two years because then Lanie will be old enough to know he is supposed to be here on Easter morning.

I am going to try and get the crib cleaned out today. HAHAHAHAHAHA Fat chance in hell huh? I may not finish but Damn it I am going to try and start on it. I am determined to one day know where all of our clothes are.

Not much to write about now but I will share more later

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm horrible

I am horrible because I never get on here anymore. But there is really not much that goes on anymore. Our lives mainly consist of me working and Lanie being at Omi's. We had our pageant and she had so much fun. I was stressed the whole time but she was alot to keep up with. She took first runner up and prettiest eyes. I was very glad she got it. I am hoping to continue doing pageants though we will have to keep them to small local pageants. We got invited to the big Sunburst pageant and WOW would it be expensive. Well today we are going to go on an easter egg hunt so hopefully we will have fun.