Monday, April 20, 2009

A Girl and Her Umbrella

My oh my how Lanie loves her umbrella. She found it today and got it out and opened and closed it about 20 times. She LOVES it. If she sees it and I do not let her have it she freaks. I wonder what it is about it.

She is still as mean as she can be. She is constantly telling me about a new boo boo she has acquired. Everday she is learning more words. Everyday she seems to be getting a little smarter. A friend of ours ordered that "Your Baby Can Read" off of the TV. As soon as we find someone who has a DVD burner we are going to burn it (as long as it has no block on it). I am going to make flash cards and we are going to work on reading.

We are also about to start potty training. She is ready but then when she gets on the potty she sits there for like 2 seconds and then says she is all done. I wish I could be home with her because then I would just let her go with no diaper and run to her potty when she starts to go. What has a little pee on the floor ever done to anyone?

Lanie has taken after her cousins pig and nut with putting her turds on the floor. As I was changing her diaper last night she decided to sling her diaper and a little piece of poop fell on the floor. Gross!!!

Oh and speaking of gross may I had that I cleaned up some of Nuts throw up last night. There was not much but for any of you that know me know that that is a big deal for me. OH MY puke. If I am going to clean up after you puke then you know I TRULY love you.

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