Monday, April 27, 2009

Heres some excelsior for you, you talk silly all the time

Oh my goodness my child. I sure do love her. I am amazed at how much she is starting to say. The other night she let me know that I was putting on her hoat (coat ... it was really a vest). Then she let Gamz know that there was a beh hoat (big coat). Today we were reading her alphabet books and I showed her the octopus and she said oc pus. That just excites me.

OH MY GOD ... Mom you have a lawnmower like LeRoys. WOO HOO!!! I am very sorry for snapping at you yesterday like I did. I was having a REALLY bad day.

Ok well I thought I was going to be able to write a full post but Lanie is thriving for my attention so I will have to write more later

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