Monday, June 15, 2009

This will last a while. Just count to salmon

Ok so I have not been on here in forever. We have had Destiny and even though dad does not believe me I have NO time when she is here. By the time the end of the day is here I am exhausted.

Lanie is talking a lot more and has started to count. Here is how it does


Every once in a while she will add in the six but never the eight.

She said her first cuss word today. ASS...That is the magic word. She asked me to sit in her seat with her and I told her I could not because mommy was a fat ass....ASS she says. Yes Lanie....

So I think that will put an end to my potty mouth.

On a whole nother subject I cannot stand Kate Gosselin. I think she is very materialistic (like stupidly), and she is just selfish. If you do not believe me watch this

Someone commented on there that she could not give one kid water without the rest wanting some and then they would be running into the interview time. Well who cares...if your kids are thirsty they are thirsty. If she had not asked for water herself and then drank it right in front of Mady (who was "dehydrated") then it would be ok. I mean hell I have told my kids they will have to wait for a drink, but while they wait so do I. I just can't stand her.

Also if you watch Cake Boss then you will understand this. First off let me say I am like my sister and I am all about a cake. Really the only part I am about is the fondant (just like her). I have never had it and every time I do to walmart I walk by it and debate if I should buy it. This year I was determined to make my kids birthday cake just so I could cover it in fondant and eat some. That didn't happen, maybe next year. So anyways I love the way the Cake Boss says fondant. Well on tonights show there is a bride who comes by to see her cake. She tells him it is ugly and is very bitchy about it. He walks away and she covers it in all different color icing. Part of me thinks this was a set up just for the show but who knows. He came back into the room, found the cake, and told her she needed to leave. She said she did it so she could show him what color was and give him inspiration. She just wanted a new cake. So what does he do. He makes a new cake. HELL NO I would have delivered the cake she decorated and said to hell with losing some customers. I would have gone to him just for taking her the fucked up cake.

TACKLE...I am tackling it. If you have no idea what I am talking about you have not been to my house.