Friday, February 27, 2009

February 26, 2009

Ok so this morning we are the true example of what West Huntsville is...

We went outside today and enjoyed the weather. We painted with sidewalk chalk and Lanie made a mess that I thought would be a great pic

The men also came in and started to fix the roof. They got most of it done and they are returning Friday morning to fix the remainder of it.
Then we had our first denist appointment. They do not let the parents come back but there is a large window that you look through. I understand why they do it because if I would have been in there she would not have let me go. She did way better than I though she would. The hygentist had to get help though and they had to hold her down to clean her teeth. Then she got to get a prize and she chose a slinky. When they were done they said the doctor wanted to talk to me. Man was I nervous. He said her teeth looked good but that she may have a gap in her front teeth when her adult teeth grow in. The skin that connects her top lip to her gum is really thick. He said the adult teeth may grow in and there may not be a gap. So give thanks to Dad or GaGa for the Gap. We are not going to fix it when she gets older because we want to keep the gap in the family. We will only fix it if she chooses to have it fixed.
When we got home Lanie started running a fever and you could tell she just did not feel good. She ran a fever most of the night so we are going to be calling the doctor in the morning and going to see her.
We will keep you updated....

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