Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 22, 2009

Ok so I have decided that since Lanie has become so interesting I am going to start a blog/365 for Lanie. This way I can keep you all up to date and have captured memories for her when she gets older. For those of you who do not know what a 365 is it is basically taking a picture of her everyday to see how she grows and changes.

Today has been like most. We got up to the words of "mil mil" and she was wanting to eat. She does not wake slowly. She is up and ready to go. I have no idea how she does it. Last night she had fallen asleep and Daddy, Destiny, and I were watching movies and eating chips. She, I guess, heard the bag and rolled over, woke up, and reached out for a chip. Now how in the world does someone do that. I guess she takes after me in that aspect, always wanting to eat.

SO anyways back to today. We woke up, ate, and she played with Destiny. I did however find her at one point during the day with her contraband. She started about a month and a half ago sticking stuff in her clothes. I think she got it from a certain someone we will leave unnamed who puts her phone in her bra (you know who you are). Well she just started with shoving her night night in her sleeper and now it is all kinds of stuff. She has even tried to shove CDs, DVDs, and books down there. Today I found 37 puzzle pieces, a block, and a pair of scissors from her doctors kit. She is crazy. She had her pants stuffed so much oneday that she could not even walk because what she had in there was falling into the foot of her sleeper.

Later today we went shopping and then we went and ate at Pappy's. YUM YUM!!! She sure does love his cookies. We took Des home and then Lanie took a big nap (at 6pm I might add).

We went to Wal-Mart...One of our favorite stores. While we were there she spotted a SpongeBob shirt and all she was saying was Bah-Bah Bah-Bah. She loves SpongeBob...Man I am so mad about that. I was hoping we could keep her away from that show.

She is taking a bath with Daddy as I type this...She loves to take a bath. I am hoping I can get her out and she will go to bed so me and Daddy can watch some movies.

Good Night for now and I will see you tomorrow...

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