Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February 24, 2009

Not much excitment this morning. I had to get Lanie out of bed and take her straight to her OMIs. She stayed up late last night so she was trying to sleep in this morning.
Mom called me this morning to let me know she has pnuemonia...How fun. Despite her illness she is still being a trooper and trying to win tickets to see Kenny Chesney....This blog is supposed to be about Lanie...Not mom.

When I picked up Lanie from OMIs we came home to find the sink backed up. We called RotoRooter and they are here fixing it as I type this. Lanie slipped on the water (because it backed up so much it overflowed onto the floor) and fell backwards and hit her head...She is fine
As I was attempting to wash some dishes int the bathtub(WOW!), Lanie got my hair straightner and mirror and decided to try and straighten her hair. It was so cute. She was holding the mirror in one hand and the straightner in the other moving it from the top of her head to the bottom like
she was really straightning her hair.
Once again she has some puzzle pieces stuffed into her onesie. That is so her thing.
The RotoRooter men are almost done and I just
got Lanie in her jammies. She let me know she wanted to brush her teeth. While I was getting the step stool open I did not realize her finger was in there and I smashed her finger. Bad Mommy. I cried. She cried, but only for a minute. Then she was ready to brush her teeth. She kept telling me to Top it (Stop it). I was messing with her ear. She likes to tell me to stop it...A LOT!!!
I am about to clean her face and we are going to go lay in the bed. Hopefully she will go to sleep and I can watch the Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion.

She climbed into my lap and said "baby". I said do you want to play new baby and she said yea. So I rocked her to sleep like a new baby and I sang to her like a new baby and when I looked down she was asleep. Oh how I love her....

Nite Nite


  1. OMG...she needs to come be Gam's baby. Kiss her head and finger for me! Are you sitting there wishing you had my voice???

  2. Yea but I do not want to have your voice if it means pnuemonia...