Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not Again

We have another virus on our computer. OMG it drives me crazy. We downloaded anti virus software the last time this happened but then our computer ran slower than fred flinstone. So I have no idea what we are going to do. I think I am going to try and reboot the computer. We just need to get a new one.

So I may not be on here for a while.

Well Destinys birthday was Monday and she is 6. OMG that is crazy. Lanie is going to be 2 on Sunday. I was watching tapes of her last night when she was fresh and new and man I miss it. I miss her being nice and calm and quiet. But then when I hear her say Mommy or Oy Back my shoes then all is well. She has such a sweet voice.

I counted her shoe collection and she has 24 pairs of shoes. There are about 5 that she cannot wear right now because they are to big but that usually does not stop her. She wore some the other day that were WAY to big for her but did she care. NOPE.

Ok so I have decided that when I go grocery shopping this weekend I am getting healthy. Damn it I want to my getting skinny like my sister. And I do not want to embarass Lanie and Destiny.

The party is coming up and I am hoping that it does not rain. I will be very bummed. I need to come up with a back up plan in case it does rain.

Ok so for those of you who do not know my photography business may be starting soon. I do not want to jinx myself but here is what is going on. We have a friend who had a little girl in November. I took her newborn pics when I was at Target. She loved them. Well she works for a local mens store and called me the other day to see if I would do a photoshoot for the company. Basically she will set up a mock wedding party and I will take pics of them. From what she has said they may get large prints for the store and if the big bosses like them enough they may be in stores nationwide. SHUT UP!!! So then we talked today and she said that Davids Bridal is who they partner with and that they may use the pics in their stuff. OMG I want this so bad you have no idea. I really hope it works out for me. I am also going to be doing her daughters pics as well of pics of another friend and her baby. WOO HOO!!!

Ok so since the Real Housewives of New York Reunion was on tonight can I please talk about it. I cannot stand Kelly. I think that she has so many insecurities that she is very fake. Bethany is my favorite. She is very real and just cool as hell.

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