Friday, May 22, 2009

Goodbye Kindergarten and have you ever wondered how those big wet spots "magically" appear in the middle of the sidewalk?

SO yesterday was Destinys graduation. OMG was it sweet. She sang a few songs and then walked across the stage to accept her diploma. She was so cute. Here are the few pics that I got.

Then we proceeded to dinner at Mullins for my mothers birthday. It was very good but the service sucked. I still have not gotten my ranch dressing damn it. When we left there we all walked back to Gamz (except dad) and that was when I decided that my niece is ready to start teaching at Harvard. I still have no idea how her and my nephew are so smart. It is actually pretty scary. After we got to Gamz the kids wanted to "wing". Well we "wang" as A shouted "C'mon big trucks". As my sister and her husband were getting ready to load the kids in the car the two ran toward the street and my sister leaped after them in a panic. A shouted at her that their kids were not olympic sprinters. I laughed so hard till I fell on the ground. Then I heard a noise. Here is what I found.

Folks those "magical" wet spots that just appear in the middle of the this one....are not magical. In the words of Lanie they are "Eeewwww" Someone who shall remain anonymous decided that the sight of me falling to the ground in laughter over the olympic sprinters was to much to handle. When I heard that noise I looked up and all I saw was pee flowing down and hitting the concrete. Yes someone peed there pants. You all know it wasn't me, because again, I was on the ground. If you know me and my family though you know who it was. I am sorry to be airing out your dirty laundry (no pun intended) but this was to funny to not share.

All in all it was a good day. Congrats Des on your big day and Happy Birthday Mom....

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  1. Des is really growing up FAST!!!!! Zane will be the graduate before we know it........Wonder who peed on the sidewalk??????