Thursday, May 21, 2009

An Old Cast and Moldy Peaches

Ok so you will think I am weird but I say who cares. Here lately when Lanie is asleep or right after she gets up she has this unigue smell on her face. I believe it is where her spit or droll has landed and then sat or dried. To me it is a wonderful smell. I LOVE it and I think it smells so good. Yes I know I said I was weird. But just wait. Have you ever smelt an old cast or arm brace that has been sweated in. Or someones arm after the cast comes off? I had a friend once that had to wear an arm brace and when she took it off it smelt so funny. Well that is what Lanies face smells like. Mm Mm Mm it's good.

There is a movie that I am sure you all have heard of but I am not sure if you all have seen it. JUNO. There is a song on there that I LOVE and when I heard it I could just picture the girl to be this little mousy blonde headed girl and then the guy would be kinda like Geoff off of Ace of Cakes, tall and kinda nerdy. Well I looked them up last night and OMG was I shocked to see what I saw. You will see them in the clip but while you are listening to the song close your eyes and imagine what they look like. They so do not sound like they look. Oh and the girl looks very good compared to how she looks in some of the other clips

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