Wednesday, May 13, 2009


That is what Lanie is. The doctor says she has virus. My sister says it is going around. I am worried. She is not herself. She woke up last night with a fever. She got up this morning with a fever. I took her to her Omis and went to work for a few hours before I left again to go get her and take her to the Dr, now mind you we have to go back on Monday and she is going to hate me. Dr said she does not have strep or an ear infection (these are usually the two culprits when we have a fever). They are going to send the strep test to the hospital to double check. After she was swabbed she started to feel bad and just wanted me to hold her. We got in the car to leave and she barely moved. She has slept off and on all day. As a matter of fact she just got up and ran in here with my wallet. She wants gum. She has not eaten anything but some soup and a popsicle but she loves her some gum. Sickness can't keep it away. She is covered in sweat but that is ok because the fever finally broke. YEAH!!! This makes me feel so much better.

So when I got back to work I met a lady who was shopping for her daughter. She had a Nikon camera so of course I had to ask her about it. She said she was a photographer and she gave me her card. OMG she is amazing. Here is a link to her site.

I hope that I can have this oneday and have make a decent living off of my work. We shall see...

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