Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rosie...1 more

Lanies new obsession is ring around the rosie. We did it so much this morning I thought I was going to puke and pass out. But Lanie could have kept on going. I told her we would do it one more time and then we were going to take a nap. We went to lay down for her nap and everytime I thought she was ready to go to sleep my phone would ring. So I said F*** it and we got up. She later went to sleep at 4. So anyways tonight she wanted to "rosie", as she calls it. When we finished her little finger came up and she said "Mommy, one more". OMG it was so stinkin cute. After dinner she went into the bathroom with Simon while he was taking a bath. She told him she had to go potty so he took her shorts and her diaper off. She sat and then got up and ran around the house. After about 5 minutes she came to me and said Eeewwwww. I asked her what was Eeewwww and she took me into the bathroom. She pointed to her toilet to show me this small piece of poop. WOO HOO!!! My child pooped on her potty tonight. Now did you notice that I said on and not in. It did not make it in but it was on the rim of her training potty. I could not be happier. We made a big deal out of it and went back in the living room to get our butt cleaned before we took a bath. Lanie then pointed out to me that there was some more poop on the floor. As I got a baby wipe to clean it up she took one and ran to the bathroom. She cleaned up her poop too. What more could you ask for. A 2 year old that will poop on her toilet and then clean it up after she is done. I love her. She came back, showed me the poop on the TP and again said Eeewwwww. We cleaned all the poop up and then got in the tub. That is where I found more on the bathroom floor. YEAH!!! I didn't care. I wouldn't care if it was smeared all over the house. She pooped on her potty. She gets it. She is ready. It is time.

Her vocabulary is growing everyday and she is just amazing. I love her so much.


  1. I'm glad yours gets it. B peed on the floor the other night and ran to me upset. "Mommy, I puked!" "Oh my goodness B, where?" It was just a wet spot. "B, where did the puke come out." "My penis." I think we have a long time before training is a reality with him. A would be ready....but you know her.

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwww....WoOhOo Yane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are sooooooooooooooooooooo big. Gams is proud of you.

    OMG....B is a trip. He puked from his penis. He and A will use the potty when A says so.