Saturday, May 16, 2009

Barbies and Such

I HATE them. Oh my god I am starting to despise them and I hope Lanie never cares anything about them. Their hands always get caught in this one sweater we have. It is the only sweater Destiny ever wants them to wear and it is to small as well. Then all of their clothes are ugly and slutty all combined into one. Then you have to look at them the whole time you are playing with them and think about how nice it must be to have a body like that. I mean think about it. Barbie has endured men, camping trips, swimming (which included a lot of tanning), working almost ever job known to man, she has had kids, been a rock/pop/country star, been to balls and worn fancy dresses, and she has done sports. No wrinkles, No gray hair, No stretch marks. WTF is up with that.

Then they have them smallest accessories ever. When you have an older kid and then a baby comes along you have to ban your older kids to their room just so they can play with their toys because "The baby may eat one, choke, and die". Then when the baby is old enough to somewhat be around the small parts they all end up in the living room floor where they never get picked up until you do it at 11pm at night. You end up stepping on them and they hurt. Oh and then you find one that you forgot when you suck it up in the vaccumm and that catched on fire. Then you have to go and get a new vaccumm...Thank you Barbie.

The one fun thing I have found out of the whole thing though is when Lanie gets Barbie's bike or skateboard and tries to ride on it.

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