Saturday, May 2, 2009

What's that address again??? 801 Franklin you say...

Picture it. A small small house on the corner, porch swing, ceiling fan on the front porch, flowers in the front yard, the inside is clean and fresh, it has a white shelf with white baskets. I mean come on now. In the back is the gravel drive (will the kids make gravel trenches in the driveway like we did at our Grandma's house?), a red back deck/porch (could that be any fresher). The lawnmower is probably the best of all. If you refer to this clip - 55 seconds in

OMG she has a lawnmower like this. Now a Grandma living where she does with this kind of lawnmower is high faluten. When she pulls into the driveway in her Outback people know she is going to walk out of the car carrying her canvas totes (Earth Friendliness people) and in there are going to be Kashi Bars, Kashi Cereal, and some organic bananas. I mean come on folks, she's just that kind of person.

So have you guessed yet where she lives. If you are still unsure I will add this note. When I called her a few minutes ago she was lying on her front porch swing, with a pillow. Now all she needs is to clip out a coupon for 35 cents off a ground round.

You guessed it folks. Five Points. Congrats mom on your new HOME!!!

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