Monday, October 12, 2009

Veronica with her Harmonica

Upon many requests here we are updating. Lanie is a MESS!!! I do not know how I can stress that enough. She is 2 and I have no idea how else to explain it. She is a jumping bean....Mommy Weady my dumpin....

In my hopes to make her a pageant girl, I do believe I will fail. She HATES!!! them. But what does she know? I have thought of a way though to hopefully make her like them. She loves to watch princess so why not tell her when she is in a pageant she is a princess?
I have decided though if she refuses to do the next few pageants we are going to move on to gymnastics...Maybe

She likes to play her harmonica. Mom and I are trying to teach her to tap her foot while she plays...It is too cute

She can say her ABCs, and even adds in the ending part "Now I know my ABCs..."
Although her L,M,N,O,P is ba-ba-ba-ba-be.....

Lanie is wonderful and I love her...She is a stinker who needs to have her head smacked =)

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  1. And....she doesn't like her Gams. She is in charge of EvErYtHiNg and you better not forget it. The only thing that melts (besides her Mommy and Daddy) her is her Aunt Kissta....she ADORES her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!