Thursday, March 17, 2011

St.Patricks Day!!!

Ok! So I would love to be one of those mothers who gets up and makes green milk and green pancakes and has had a leprechaun destroy my house for a week but for some reason I cannot just do it. Scroll down to the time management post....

As I was getting dressed this morning mom said to me "Make sure she wears green cause it is St. Patricks Day. So I change her shirt and get her dressed. Her shoes do not match....Oh well what do you do.

But, travel about 15 miles and you will find my sisters house. Here is what I can envision going on there. The leprechaun has come for the 7th and last day this week and has left some kind of cute green treat for the two. There is an elaborate breakfast of green pancakes, kiwi, and yet another some kind of green surprise. Their milk we be made green with some kind of organic food coloring and the will be dressed head to tow for the occasion. (I am sure they had green pajamas on too)!!!

After breakfast there will be a lesson on the history of St. Patricks Day and then there will be a craft to follow. After craft they will go to the store to get whatever randoms the need for the house and on the way will find at least 3 treasures on the side of the road that will later turn into a profit of about $200.

LOL, man the way we can perceive things.


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    Here is the reality.....the kids celebrated St Patty's day LAST Thursday at school because today is Spring Break....the only green shirt Al had that was school worthy (paint,glue) was an old turtleneck hand me down (Destiny?), so she wore it and black sweat pants and green shoes (olive green shirt, keely green shoes)....Ben wore a green buttondown and some checkered pants. The photographer showed up unannounced to do their group pick....mmmm hhhmmm....

    We did do some research on Saint Patrick and discussed his origins....and the kids have their St. Patty's hats they made at school....

    But girlfriend....they fight me tooth and nail on eating anything these days besides Nutella and I am not going to spend a dime on food coloring....I can't afford food coloring....oh wait.....I have icing gels........ :)

    That said, me and my head cold kids ARE going to run errands today and I am going to drive around and check out trach, b/c it is trash day, so I hope to heavens you have put the luck of the green on me!!!!