Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just call me warty kneed painter girl.....

SHE IS REAL!!!! According to Christa at least. It is good to know that after almost 4 years my daughter is finally real :)

So a couple months ago we had a wart removed from Lanie's lip. It was a very easy doctors visit, she did not cry, and was very excited to get a band aid. she gets to get quit a few band aids. Can we say UBER EXCITED!!!! She has about 8 warts on one knee and we need to have them removed. All Lanie said was "I get 8 band aids" Yes Lanie you will get 8 band aids.

She told Gams Tuesday night that she needed to paint Gams nails. She got her fake nail polish bottle and told Gams just to call her Painter Girl. She tried to get water in the nail polish bottle as her "fake" nail polish but was unsuccesful. Gams told her there was probably a hole in the bottom. Lanie brought the bottle back in the living room and preceded to "sling" water all over Gams as she threw the bottle around. As Gams told Lanie she had gotten her wet Lanie's response was
"It was just an accident Gams, and I am not Lanie I am Painter Girl"
Classic. GOD how I love her

Today on the way to school we were listening to C is for Cookie and Lanie let me know that the song hated her. I asked her why and she said "Because it says A B C D Cookies are for me". Great explination Lanie.

She is getting so smart and so big. No she can not read and she is probably right where she needs to be for her age but she is wise. I guess that is the best way to describe her is wise. She secretly gets it. She likes to act like she can't hear me sometimes and she like to be defiant but I know in her little mind that she knows exactly what is going on.


  1. Oh how I adore that little Painter Girl :)

  2. She is adorable, especially when she takes her shoes off and knocks the cover off of the radio in the car. Her mommy knows what I am talking about. And she can how she can swing.