Wednesday, October 12, 2011

20 Mousand

It has been a while. I always say I am going to get good about posting on here, but lets face it. Its hard. I will try though :)

So lanie is doing very well in school. She is practicing writing her numbers and letters everyday. She is great at almost all of them but still gets a little confused on ones that can be very similar ex: 2 & 5, 9 & 6, 3 & E

She absolutley LOVES homework and wants to do some everyday. Thank God she will start getting homework after Christmas break. For now we just make up whatever for her and she thouroughly enjoys it.

She has started with this thing of 20 Mousand. If we have multiples of anything she always asks us if we have 20 mousand of them. And she is still addicted to acorns. I think her world would be complete if she had 20 mounsand acorns.

She has started dance although she missed a few weeks because she has been sick. She really seems to enjoy it though and comes home and shows us what all she has learned. I CANNOT wait until the recital.

She is 4 and she is mean. VERY MEAN. I am not sure what to do about discipline. I really do not think anything will work. However I just saw something on pinterest that sparked my interest and we may have to try that soon. Give her crayons, markers, glue, scissors, paper, and books though and she seems to stay content for a while. The only problem with that though is when it is time to put them away that is when the meanness hits.

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  1. Very good the 20 mousand. Meanness will dissipate once she is oldr.